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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in the Brantford Area

Your office needs to be clean so you can make a good impression with your customers; it’s equally important for your home to be clean so you can feel comfortable and make guests feel at home. 

While regular vacuuming and dusting are great ways to keep floors and furniture free of dust, sometimes you need a deeper clean for your carpets and upholstery. Whether you spilled wine on the couch or your area rug has been doused in mud, you can rely on Roto-Static of Brantford for outstanding professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in the Brantford area.
We offer commercial, residential and industrial cleaning services including:

Office Cleaning 

Your office likely receives a high amount of daily foot traffic, which can result in dirt and other debris being tracked in throughout the course of a work week. Keep your office carpets fresh and clean with the office cleaning service from Roto-Static of Brantford.

Pet Stain Removal

If you have a pet living in your home, you understand that includes the risk of your pet staining your carpet and leaving a distinct odour throughout your home. When that happens, it essentially makes that particular living space unusable and could potentially ruin plans to host guests or any number of situations. Avoid that misfortune by calling Roto-Static of Brantford for pet stain removal in Princeton.

Free Estimates

No matter the scope of your cleaning needs, we offer a free estimate with a written guarantee for every cleaning project. Give us a call today so we can get started!

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